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Clear bras or stone shield are a thick plastic coating applied to the front end of vehicles to keep from allowing rock chips ,bugs and debris to penetrate the paint.

It offers a 98% protection range. Also headlights can be done with a thicker mil material. Headlights can sell for thousands of dollars to replace them so paying the small $80 to $90 per headlight is a small price to pay for replacing a headlight or fog lights.

Also we can do the rocker panels and behind and in front of the front and rear tires to keep from rock chips in the paint caused by the tires kicking up debris. We also have rear bumper protectors which go on the top edge of the bumper which keep you from scratching the top of your bumper when you're taking a luggage or groceries etc.

We also have the clear door edge guard and door cups. The door cups prevent finger nail scratches. Some of the services can be done mobily and some cannot. The ones that cannot are usually the front bumpers and rocker panel areas of the cars anything that are low to the ground we must have a clean and dust free lint free and particle free area to do this. When we apply the clear bra to these areas there is a lot of static cling that can grab particles and pull them up. So we like to do this in a dust-free environment.

We have 2 clean facilities located in the West End of Richmond where you can bring your vehicle drop it off leave it for the day and we'll have it done that day. We do suggest if you can to leave it for the next day that a way we can check the curing process the next day and have any touch ups or any repairs that need to be done to it before it's delivered to you, some area's pop up the next day this just eliminates this.

All of the clear bra material has a scratch resistant coating and UV protection. This allows for the paint underneath to fade at the same rate that the rest of the vehicle paint fades in the Sun. So if the bras every removed there is no discoloration of the paint. The bras are usually guaranteed for 3 years 36,000 miles.

We are eager to help you protect your vehicle especially when it's new if we can do it right when you get the vehicle you'll notice that this will definitely keep all your rock ships pretty much eliminated. Once you've used this product you will be so pleased that you will want it on every vehicle from here on out. Please let us know so we can set you up an appointment at your convenience to get this done.

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