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Aerodynamics with Style

Rear spoilers not only enhance the looks of the vehicles but also make them more aerodynamic efficient. We like to add OEM spoilers to most vehicles. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer in other words it’s the spoiler the vehicle came directly from the factory with. So when your car is resold no one knows any difference on whether you bought it directly from the factory or from us.

Which also increases the value of the vehicle. All spoilers are ordered directly from the factory where they are painted to match. When you order all you need is to supply your factory paint code to us and it comes in already pre painted. Then we can come out to your home or work and install. Usually within an hour you job is done.

All spoilers come with a lifetime guarantee on the paint and installation. If the spoiler comes with a third brake light it is covered for 3 years 36,000 miles. We also have replacement lights for spoilers that you may not have purchased from us.

Almost all the spoilers painted and installed mobile coming to you are only $350. Give us a call or email today to place your order. This makes an ideal birthday anniversary or holiday gift.

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